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Leveling (vertical) conveyor of loaded pallets serves to transport pallets for requested hight level.

Conveyor consists from the load cage, bearing tower and driving station. Entry and exit from the tower is protected by the roller gate, which is assuring safety of the operator. Pallets come to levelling conveyor by roller conveyors profiding as well accumulating function. Pallet enters cage automatically after openning of gate and procede to required floor, where it goes out on the roller conveyors and than to required place of destination. The leveling conveyor capacity can be for a single or for two pallets. The drive of conveyor is managed by the electrical motor which moves the cage with the help of sprockets and chains. The cage is placed in vertical guiders, so it cannot vibrate or to go to a side. Bearing tower is dimensioned as self bearing and does not need any supplementary structures. The tower is braced in the floor at the place where it goes through.

Technical paramaters:

Hight of conveyor:
8 000 - 25 000 mm
Base dimensions:
2300 x 4500 mm
Cage capacity:
4500 kg
Transport speed:
0,4 m/sec
Drive power:
18,5 kW
Number of pallets:
2 (1)
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