Byas s.r.o. Themes


The company ByaS Trade s.r.o. has been projecting in the field of container glass industry since its founding in the year 2005. We have experiences in projecting of particular units as well as in the complete solutiuons.

We do placement of all buildings creating the factory based on the information regarding the land conditions and customer’s requirements. Furthermore, we make lay-outs of equipment within production halls respecting functionality of thechnology as a complex and requirements of each individual piece of equipment on the other hand. We make detailed projects of distribution systems within a production hall as for example compressed air, vacuum or water. Standard is detailed design of particular specific circuits of production as a water system, vacuum, compressor house or placement of equipment of maintenance shops and stocks.

We do supply to a customer the whole complet of technology project inclusive the civil engineering part thanks to our holistic approach.

Byas Trade