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Projecting works

The company ByaS Trade s.r.o. offers complex services through its qualified and experienced team in the field of projecting, respectivelly projecting and engineering activities at the civil engineering as well as thechnology, industrial infrasturcture, building and execution of big investment units either for industrial, municipal, private, comunal or eccology projects.

Rich experiences and professional approach of our experts is assuring perfect execution of the project documentation of any stage, inclusive pre-project preparation and engineering services which present a basement for further steps leading to the successful execution of your investments.

We offer and manage following in the projecting:



  • Author supervission of a projectant taking care about fullfilling of technology, architectual and complex concept based on the project documentation executed witing procedure of the building permission. 
  • Coordination of different project parts 
  • Implementation of conditions comming from the building permission into the project 
  • Cooperation during setting up of conditions and for selection of the supplier of building or its part 
  • Assuring of documents from possible producers or contractors 
  • Finalizing and adaptation of documentation validated during the process of building permission, comming in such details which are sufficient for preparation and for the execution of the building 
  • Inspection and cntrolling of the costs of building 
  • Assuring of documentation of the real building execution used for the final validation process and making of the project of the real building execution 
  • We are capable to provide a projectant or another words author supervission during the building execution as per agreed scope defined in the corresponding contract. 






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