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Engineering activities and services

The company ByaS Trade s.r.o. offers engineering services for the building process in the whole scope of activities and thus cuvers civil engineering, legal and executive preparation of buildings. This is provided during the execution as well as after finishing and putting into the operation.

Qualified co-operation of our experienced workers within all stages of preparation and execution of the building is speeding up the process and assuring the best quality. Common complications at planning and building permission processes are preventivelly removed and this leads to efficient, economical and quality execution of the building and its errection or hand over into the use at required dead-lines.

We offer you and manage for you:


  • Co-operation for making of a business plan of investor
  • Co-operation for selection of the building place and managing of documents for the order of the building
  • Order of the building and entire related dealing with corresponding state authorities and other involved subjects 
  • Issuing of the planning permission 
  • Creating of project documentation for the building permission and complet dealing related to that
  • Issuing of the building permission, claiming and handing over of the building place 
  • Claiming and handing over of a building place 
  • Selection of supplier in the tender way
  • Building execution inclusive coordination of all supplies and works
  • Technical supervission of a builder at a building inclusive assitance at complex testing, testing run and putting in the pernamment run
  • Issuing of the final certificate of approval (colaudation) 
  • A company is able to assure complet supply of building on the “turn-key” base. It will manage engineering and investor’s activities based on wishes and requirements of a customer in full or a partial scope as agreed.


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