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Pre-project preparation

The company ByaS Trade s.r.o. offers its clients complex and professional services in projecting.

Finding of the impute documents as well as the clearing up of the final investment plan of a customer is one of first steps before it comes to the execution of the project documentation. It is comming on a several basic actions representing the base for further steps in the field of projecting and following execution of planned investment.

Not only analyses and clearing up of the project, or specification and clearing up of the impute documents and survays neccessary for the project are made within the first stage of projecting.

The preparation phase includes also visit and observation of the place of execution, integration of civil engineering and constructing solutions in the final expectations of the investor, involvment of the other proffesions and integration of their proffession requirements (infrastructure, architects, etc.), evaluation of the static-design solutions, economical solutions and ecology impact on surroundings and lot of other activities, which we are capable to provide at proffessional level based on the team of qualified and experienced experts.

We will manage for you:´


  • Clearing up of a goal based on the pre-project preparation (expert study) 
  • Specification of required imputes, survays and works 
  • Managing of requiered imputes and survays 
  • Analyse and specification of technology, energetic and civil engineering proffesions 
  • Analyse of the choosen building place 
  • Analyse of results and conclusions 


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